In Laanila High School we have about 310 students and 25 teachers working in a good studying environment. The motto of our school is “Firm, Warm and Trustworthy”. In accordance with the motto, we purposefully develop our knowledge and skills and cherish the atmosphere of communality and care. Our teachers are supportive professionals who use the latest technology in their teaching.
As a school that takes part in the programs of Unesco ASP and the Green Flag we put emphasis on internationality and sustainable development. We offer for example education in international issues in English, lectures in culture, twinning with a Swedish-speaking school and studies in volunteering. During the years 2013-2015 we take part in a Comenius project “Citizens of Careland!”
We support our new students in many ways. A course on studying techniques, which makes the transition from comprehensive school to high school easier, is offered for all new students. We have developed our student care services purposefully. Our new students are supported in their studies by tutor students, among other things.
School’s own specific courses are offered in every subject. With us you can study for example special courses in sports, biochemistry and biophysics, astronomy, articulacy, social psychology, sign language, entrepreneurship and home economics. You can have a closer look at our versatile selection of courses on our website.
Our school’s student board has traditionally been enthusiastic and productive. In Laanila High School students and teachers develop the school together. You are warmly welcome to take part in the spirit of Laanila!
Our students think that in Laanila High School:
- the atmosphere is pleasant and encouraging
- teachers are nice and skilled
- the selection of courses is diverse
- you have the possibility to be your own self
- the number of boys and girls is in balance at school
- school food is delicious
Laanila High School is “a descendant of old schools of Oulu”. Its predecessors were Oulun keskikoulu with its five classes in 1957-1962 and Laanilan yhteiskoulu with its eight classes in 1962-1974. The name Laanila High School (Laanilan lukio in Finnish) was first introduced in 1974. The school has undergone five building phases from 1960’s to 1980’s. The school building was renovated and expanded to its current form in 2001-2002.
The previous principals of Laanila High School have been Ms Aune Parviainen in 1957-1968, Mr Jorma Seppänen in 1968-1999 and Mr Pekka Fredriksson in 1999-2008. The current prinicipal Mr Timo Kärkkäinen started in his post in year 2008.
Laanilan lukio Hintantie 66 90650 Oulu

puh +358 (0)44 703 9294 (Principal)

puh +358 (0)50 316 6619 (School Secretary)